Hi, I am Caroline Knight (TechWitch), and this is my personal blog about issues I have seen, come across or things I find interesting. This will generally be of a technical nature and I hope that it will be of interest and possibly even useful. All of the opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.


Having been interested in computers from a young age (when my dad bought me my first PC – BBC Micro!), I continued learning and playing through school and into university, finally earning a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics, Statistics and Computing from the University of Greenwich. After graduation, I started working in IT and have been ever since. Despite the degree, I started from the ground up as a first line agent and am now a Lead Technical Support Specialist doing 4th line support on Microsoft, Veritas and sometimes Citrix products and have an MCSA in Windows 2012 amongst other Microsoft qualifications gained over the years.

Coding is also something I am interested in, and inspiring the next generation of IT workforce into coding using languages such as Python.



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